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Understanding hairdressing tools
2016-07-05Understanding hairdressing tools

hairdryer: dry hair, use hair style (size into power 1000w or 2000w) with wind mouth, played the role of poly wind, blowing straight. Wind cover, use a large flower blow drying hair.duckbill clip: used for temporarily fixing the hair;

Chinese medicine teaches you the correct hair
2016-07-05Chinese medicine teaches you the correct hair

Hair and skin, is a mirror of human health. Modern scientific research that the human hair is about 10 to 150,000, the hair root tip has swollen pellets, called hair ball. Hairball accumulation of hair matrix cells produce hair growth and color, that ...

Comb disease thousand times less than half
2016-07-05Comb disease thousand times less than half

Human hair is not only one sign of beauty, but also with human health are directly linked. Regular hair, not only beautify the hair, the hair of the important measures to protect, there is an organic link with disease prevention. "Comb thousand times,...

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